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  • Flitch beam — A flitch beam (or flitched beam) is a compound beam used in the construction of houses, decks, and other primarily wood frame structures. Typically the flitch beam is made up of a steel plate sandwiched between two wood beams, the three layers… …   Wikipedia

  • flitch beam — noun or flitched beam : a beam built up of flitches between two of which a metal plate is sandwiched for reinforcement * * * Carpentry. a beam composed of planks bolted together side by side and often reinforced with a plate of iron or steel.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • flitch beam — Carpentry. a beam composed of planks bolted together side by side and often reinforced with a plate of iron or steel. Also called flitch girder, sandwich beam, sandwich girder. [1880 85] * * * …   Universalium

  • flitch beam — /ˈflɪtʃ bim/ (say flich beem) noun a beam formed by sandwiching a thin iron plate between two pieces of timber. Also, flitched beam …   Australian English dictionary

  • flitch beam — noun a compound beam made of an iron plate between two slabs of wood …   English new terms dictionary

  • flitch — [flich] n. [ME flicche < OE flicce, akin to ON flikki < IE base * plēk̑, * plēik̑ , to tear (off) > FLAY] 1. the cured and salted side of a hog; side of bacon 2. a lengthwise strip or beam cut from a tree trunk 3. either of two thick… …   English World dictionary

  • flitch — n. 1 a side of bacon. 2 a slab of timber from a tree trunk, usu. from the outside. 3 (in full flitch plate) a strengthening plate in a beam etc. Phrases and idioms: flitch beam a compound beam, esp. of an iron plate between two slabs of wood.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • flitch — /flich/, n. 1. the side of a hog (or, formerly, some other animal) salted and cured: a flitch of bacon. 2. a steak cut from a halibut. 3. Carpentry. a. a piece, as a board, forming part of a flitch beam. b. a thin piece of wood, as a veneer. c. a …   Universalium

  • flitch — [flɪtʃ] noun 1》 a slab of wood cut from a tree trunk. 2》 (also flitch plate) the strengthening plate in a flitch beam. 3》 chiefly dialect a side of bacon. Origin OE flicce, orig. denoting the cured side of any meat, of Gmc origin …   English new terms dictionary

  • flitch girder — noun : a girder that is built up in the manner of a flitch beam …   Useful english dictionary

  • flitch plate — noun : a metal plate sandwiched between planks in forming a flitch beam or girder …   Useful english dictionary

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